Again Capital Management LLC
Informed Performance

Investment Strategy

The commodity trading landscape has changed over the course of the last decade. Traditional trading methodologies that primarily rely upon basic supply and demand fundamentals tend to be challenged, as they do not take into account the significant influences associated with macroeconomic and other important considerations that affect price discovery.

Again Capital’s proprietary CAT-5 TOTALVIEW approach creates a concise and more comprehensive view of the commodity markets and their rapidly changing future price directions. CAT-5 TOTALVIEW allows our investment team to confidently identify trade opportunities with higher probabilities of success and to make informed and substantiated trade decisions aimed at achieving superior risk adjusted returns. 

The CAT-5 TOTALVIEW methodology analyzes relevant quantitative and qualitative data points related to the following categories:

·         Global Macroeconomic Conditions

·         Market Fundamentals

·         Technical Indicators

·         Market Sentiment Indicators

·         World Situational Impacts

Our investment team strongly believes that this comprehensive approach results an optimal approach to building and maintaining an opportunistic portfolio.